ALBANIA - ADAM - Albanian Development Agency Model

The development of a strong and dynamic sector especially for small and medium
businesses in Albania has been considered a priority by the government since
reforms came into force. Nearly every business in Albania can be defined as SME
(only 0.2% of Albanian companies have over 100 employees). This means that
government policy on the development of the private sector can be referred to
as SME policy.
Since 1996, the government has implemented a series of initiatives for
technical assistance for SMEs in the form of support structures and credit
lines. In this context the proposed project fits with the current development
policy, thus making the intervention strategy complex but synergetic and in
line with local development policies and allowing for the transfer of
successful experiences and know-how from the Italian system.

The cooperation project foresees the identification and realization of a
development agency model, that, in partnership with a prestigious network of
Italian cooperation participants involved with the Albanian government, is
capable of supporting the Albanian Ministry of Economy, valorising the
development potential of the local economy and identifying a correct strategic
position for the local system in an international context.

Albanian Ministry of Economy
Tecnopolis CSATA s.c.r.l.
Bic Puglia Sprind s.r.l.
D&D Corporate Consultants s.r.l.

Identification and analysis of local needs concerning research activities,
elaboration and analysis of data gathering, planning and implementation of the
project intranet through advancing the realization of activities for the
intranet, planning the model for the Development Agency.

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Italian Ministry for Foreign Trade
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