ALBANIA - TEMPUS - Public Administration and Management in Shkoder

The project aims at strengthening and implementing the experiences that Formez
achieved with the ALBA project, which was finalized to realize the full
potential of local institutions in the Shkoder region in Albania and to create
a model that can be directly transferred to other similar cases.
The collaboration with personnel from the local administrations involved in the
previous project underlines the need to adapt civil servants expertise to the
competencies defined in the decentralization reforms already approved by the
Albanian government in 2000.

The aim of the European programme Tempus is to realize a cooperation in the
sector of higher training, but also to extend this action beyond the academic
community, involving sectors of public life and civil society. In this way, the
universities can become a strengthening instrument for both civil and
democratic societies, contributing updating and re-qualifying functionaries in
key sectors.
The Tempus programme PAMS which is divided into 3 years, aims to create a
specific curriculum in Public Administration within the faculty of Law at the
University of Shkoder. This is directed to future administrative local staff
with the realization of a training centre to support the decentralization
process that is taking place through training activities as well as the
re-qualification of P.A. personnel.

University of Florence

University of Graz

- Creation of a new university curriculum in Public Administration within the
Law faculty, characterised by a multidisciplinary approach able to involve
professors from the departments of Economy, Sociology etc.
- Realization of a training sector, directed towards the qualification and
re-qualification of local Public Administration personnel and beneficiaries of
the decentralization process.

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