MEDA COUNTRIES - Twinnings between Ob. 1 Regions and MEDA Regions for the Modernization of Public Administrations and Management of Public Services

The projects aims to foster a better dialogue and cooperation with MEDA
countries through the Twinning process within the local administrations of the
Italian regions of Ob.
1 by utilizing the excellent institutional and capacity building experiences
developed in Italy.

Public Administration Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Economy
Department of Community Policies

Lucia Santuccione -
- Assessment of regional administrations competencies in those departments
dedicated to international activities
- Survey on the organization of those departments dealing with international
- Elaboration of a study on the advancement undertaken by regional
administrations and acknowledgment of the best practices in the field of
international cooperation
- Acknowledgement of the experiences gained by the regions through
administrative Twinning projects
- Transfer of all instruments necessary to participate in tenders for
international cooperation
- Assistance in the preparation of the twinning proposals
- Broadening of single and institutional competencies for the management of
international cooperation projects
- Preparation of a "mailing list" to inform regional administrations about EU
tenders with regard to participation in Twinning projects

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Final beneficiaries are Public Administrations in the Southern Italy and MEDA
countries as well as all the organizations which develop and manage
relationships with MEDA countries.

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European Commission
Pubbliche Amministrazioni
Responsabile Progetto: 
Saveria Spezzano
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Lucia Santuccione
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Attività internazionali