POLAND - Management System for Monitoring Drinking Water for the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate

This project aims to improve the system for monitoring drinking water for the
Chief Sanitary Inspectorate. The purpose of the project is to:

·Continue the implementation of the Acquis Communitaire, in particular with
regard to implementing the directives on drinking water in accordance with
Polish law while elaborating a consolidated act to include the conditions for
water quality supervision
·Assess procedures regarding the risks pertaining to the drinking water system
in all Polish regions with specific attention to the use of risk assessment
tools for daily activities
·Improve employee qualifications from the Sanitary Inspection and National
Institute of Health and incorporate institutions into the Geographic
Information System with an information procedure system on health risks

Acquedotto Pugliese
Italian National of Health (ISS)
ARPA Emilia Romagna
ARPA Toscana
·Elaboration of a draft act on water control
·Teaching information methods on health risks by using a Geographic Information
System for employees from the State Sanitary Inspection, the National Institute
of Hygiene, the Main Statistical Office and trainers who train operators from
Aqueduct Companies
·Elaboration of new IT techniques;
·Adapting data sources and reports concerning water quality drafted by the SSI
and the NIH and the Main Statistical Office in accordance with EU regulations
and standards
·Drafting annual publications/guide books/reports on drinking water quality

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Polish Chief Sanitary Inspectorate

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Phare - European Commission
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Saveria Spezzano
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Attività internazionali