Support Programme for Regional Cooperation - Sub-programme Mediterranean - DGMM

The Italian Regions are becoming increasingly dynamic in international
relations not only in terms of the new constitutional competencies but also
because of their growing intention to cooperate with neighbouring countries.
Through the present programme, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Directorate
General for Mediterranean and Middle East and Directorate General for European
Countries intends to contribute in defining a strategy for improving the role
of the Italian system and its regions under the scope of the European support
policy for the processes of growth in the Mediterranean and Balkan countries.
Thus, regions may utilize their know-how and acquired experiences from the
implementation of the functions regarding external relations as well as the
foreign network structures made up of embassies and representatives from
international bodies and consulates. In this way, the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs aims to create the necessary conditions for the identification and
cooperative implementation of inter-regional and territorial partnership
projects between the Italian regions and the Balkan and South-Mediterranean
The Programme's general aim is the strengthening of competencies and capacities
for inter-institutional cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the
regions, in the processes necessary for the opening of the territories
internationally. Particular reference must be made to the new European rules
for the promotion of proximity and pre-accession cooperation according to the
guidelines and strategic interventions as provided in CIPE resolutions n°
17/2003 and 139/1999 from which the funds for the current initiative come and
with specific attention to two important areas for national and regional
cooperation, that is the South-Mediterranean and the Western Balkan countries.
The objective is to arrive at partnership agreements with the beneficiaries of
the two greographical areas and plan a series of projects to start up.

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The beneficiaries of the programme are the 19 Italian regions and the 2
Independent Provinces in accordance with the CIPE resolutions n° 17 and 83 of

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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